Open Doors

Separated from the Seeing page, this is a series of photograph's focusing on the commercial and residential blight in Wilkinsburg Pa. I walking from where I live to the Penn Ten18 I see more than if driving. Stoner Way, where I got the inspirations for "Rubber Trouble", and the open entrances on Penn Avenue when you walk them are much different than when you drive by. As a reminder these are just snap shots using my iPhone during the spring of 2016.

"Open Doors" is compiled to show the possibilities. How the smallest of measures can impact a neighborhood. Things are changing around Pen Ten18 and we are excited to see what is in store for WIlkinsburg PA. 


Taken in the first day as I thought about the situation....

What I realized after I downloaded this image was the American flag in the distance behind the missing second level of the building. Also the fact that the door was clearly open.

These are other shots taken over a 3 week period.



















































One new business......



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