Art and Design Inspiration

Since graduating college with a degree in painting and print making my design and creative energy has been submersed in my professional life. This has not stop me from seeing.

Art can take many forms. One just needs to open their eyes and see.

Whether I have my cheap digital camera or my cell phone I have been capturing what I see. This is what fuels my creativity and inspiration.


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Skylines Blue Sky- 2016



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Lines in the Sky 2015







Pittsburgh has great lines in the sky.







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Toilet Talk - 2012



Toilet Talk is a group of images taken with my iPhone during the winter of 2012 in the restrooms of certain bars in Pittsburgh.


previous image:

"Making Movie"







"Porno Tongue"

Previous images:


 "Poop Noodles" 




"Burner Phones"

"Totally Relate"



"True Freedom"

Over exposed, sometimes blurry, contrast and color saturation adjusted, each image is manipulated then saved and then reverted to original image. 

Various cropped portions of the snap shots taken can take on it's own composition and tell an independent story.

Note: some references are bands and songs





"Terrible Feelings"




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Sky Views



"Sky Views" is generated from images taken while flying.  I love to fly and even more so love the view from the sky.

Including the reflections in the window of the aircrafts, the images are a study of composition and lines created by nature.





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Girl Talk - 2014






Not much to explain here,  bachelorette's in the park.   




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Shadow Talk - 2014










Shadows of miscellaneous chats.








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Resistance is Futile - 2016


after a few months of looking at the HVAC flexible tubes... I see some beauty in them.

and a chance to play....


Movement #1


Movement #2


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