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Penn Ten18 - 2015

Recently I looked at where I was in life and where I wanted to go. For the last two years I have been searching for the right place to open my personal studio so I can pursue my personal passion for art and design.

I have looked all over Pittsburgh and decided I wanted the space to be close to my home. I have found this space in Wilkinsburg, PA. 

1018 Penn Avenue

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First and foremost, I need a space to create. The space also has to create some income.

Personal Studio Space: The first floor and a portion of second floor I will use for my own endeavors.

Leased Studio: 1000 sq ft space in front of building with lots of light. This space can be used by any start up graphic design, interior design or architectural firm, as well as possibly a studio for an artist.

ten18: Eventually the first floor will be converted to a gallery/engagement space dedicated to inspiring and supporting the artistic community.

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Penn Ten18 History:

Built for Inghram Tire and Lube Co. in 1926. Yes they use to drive cars into the building on the first floor. Needless to say the wood floors are sturdy and thick. It is suspected the family lived on the second floor. The building stayed in the family 1984. 

In 1984 the property was purchased by a start up construction company that is known today as Guardian Construction. I had the pleasure of taking the CEO through the building. He was very nostalgic and told me stories of happenings on the streets back then. The company parked trucks in the warehouse on the first floor and renovated the second floor. The renovations on the second floor have not changed since 1984, which I suspected based on the wall paper.

1993, the property was purchased by the owners of Enrich Products. Again, they used the warehouse space to park delivery van and store products. They were in the building until about 2013 when they purchased a larger building on Penn Ave a block away.

October 2014, I first walked into the building. I had seen it was for sale for some time. I just never imagined it to be the right size. The minute I walked in I realized I should have looked at the building sooner.

March 27, 2015, I closed on the building. It is now Penn Ten18.

Follow the building and projects


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Back of ten18 with rear access to first and second floor. Parking! Image it painted. ...artistically of course.

Second floor will have a nice common space with plenty of walls for hanging art..plus a kitchenette.

Plans include keeping the garage door but updating to include windows. The unused entrance will be renovated for the entrance into gallery space

The property includes most of the alley. Yes, I can image something creative being done to the wall.

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Current Second Floor


Purposed Second Floor 


3d Rendering of Proposed 2nd Floor


Leased Space: Recycle existing conference room glass for above stairwell. Add elongated windows on exterior exposed wall and interior walls to extend light thought space. Combine 3 spaces. 1000 sq. ft.

Personal Studio Space: combined two rooms in back of building adjacent to kitchenette.

Common Area: kitchenette, hall with room for seating, and plenty of wall space to show current projects

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Proposed 1st Floor Gallery/ Engagement Space


Front Gallery: still working on plans. Imagination has to be used to imagine new garage door with windows

Rear of Gallery: add two bathrooms, kitchenette, and utility closest. Basement access will be moved to the back of the space. All doors will be recycled from 2nd floor.

Gallery: Plenty of wall space with sectioned off areas for separating artists and projects.


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Demo Second Floor


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New Windows



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Plans change and challenges are confronted....

Going through several changes including new contractor, needing architectural, plus plumbing and electrical engineering plans, and redesigns, has delayed the start of construction. Happy to say on May 16th, 2016, things are starting......


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Glimpses of what is to come.....


new plan for stairwell...



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Purchasing stuff....



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Through it all the sun still fills the second floor with light through the sky lights...

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